github victordiaz/PHONK 1.2.5
PHONK 1.2.5

  • This should fix a problem on devices Android < 5.0 where views such Buttons, Texts, etc don't appear correctly
  • Fix lat/lon swap when adding marker in maps
  • Fix user input in MQTT
  • Removed staggered animation on UI load
  • Better theming
  • Min requirement is 4.1 now

Note: PHONK comes in 2 variants which you should have only one installed otherwise the might conflict!

  • Normal: The recommended download
  • Extended: This version let's you send and receive SMS functionality. Google Play is not very happy with apps that access your SMSs, so here there is an alternative in case someone wants to use it
latest releases: 1.3.0, 1.2.9, 1.2.8...
8 months ago