github vergoh/vnstat v2.9
vnStat 2.9

2 years ago
  • Fixed
    • RescanDatabaseOnSave configuration option wasn't being read from the
      configuration file resulting in the feature always being enabled
    • Hourly graph image output using large fonts didn't correctly fade out
      the x-axis line for hours not having data available
  • New
    • Add --alert for producing output and/or specific exit status when
      configured condition and transfer limit is exceeded, can also be used
      for "quota remaining" type of queries depending on used parameters
    • Add configuration option InterfaceMatchMethod which allows configuring
      the possibility of specifying an interface for database queries by using
      its alias instead of system provided interface name, enabled by default
      to support case insensitive matching of the beginning of interface
      aliases (vnstat and vnstati)
    • Image output file extension allows selecting the used image file format
      as long as the used LibGD supports it, PNG is no longer the only option
    • Add configuration option HourlyGraphMode for changing the output mode
      of the graph, 0 = 24 hour sliding window (default, as in previous
      releases), 1 = graph begins from midnight
    • Add mode parameter for -hg / --hoursgraph options for overriding the
      HourlyGraphMode configuration option setting from the command line
    • Add vertical line to image output hourly graph to visualize midnight
    • Add -t / --timestamp options to daemon for enabling timestamps to prints
      when the daemon is running in the foreground attached to a terminal
    • Accept ; as comment character in configuration file in addition to #
    • Comment out keywords which are using default values with ; character in
      provided configuration file and --showconfig output

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