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vnStat 2.8

latest release: v2.9
2 years ago
  • Fixed
    • Using a combination of --live and --json wasn't flushing stdout after
      each line resulting in buffered output if the output was being piped
    • Image output would fail to show the last line bar graph in list outputs
      if EstimateStyle was 0, BarColumnShowsRate was 1 and the last line had a
      higher traffic rate than other lines
    • Image output didn't correctly horizontally align the "no data available"
      message in 5 minute graph depending on the width of the image
    • Image output related configuration warnings could get shown when image
      output wasn't being used
    • Warnings of mismatches between image output and data retention
      configuration didn't provide relevant details for solving the issues
    • BandwidthDetection was being used for tun interfaces even when the
      Linux kernel had the information hardcoded to 10 Mbit regardless of the
      used real interface, interface specific MaxBW will now be used instead
      or MaxBandwidth as fallback
    • Configured interface specific MaxBW values were getting overridden by
      BandwidthDetection when something could be detected
    • Image output horizontal rx/tx bars often had one pixel too much width in
      the tx section resulting in slightly wrong ratio getting shown
    • Top days list wasn't always sorting entries with exactly the same traffic
      sum using ascending date
    • 64bitInterfaceCounters with value -2 always assumed 32-bit on Linux
      systems until a 64-bit value was seen if kernel headers weren't available
      when binaries were built
  • New
    • Add the possibility of specifying an interface without using the
      -i / --iface options (vnstat and vnstati)
    • The daemon can discover added interfaces from the database without
      requiring a restart, configurable with option RescanDatabaseOnSave
    • Add configuration option UseUTC for using UTC as timezone for database
      entries instead of following the system timezone configuration
    • --iflist uses user configured interface specific MaxBW values in the
      output when available instead of showing only the kernel provided
      information when detected
    • Add configuration option AlwaysAddNewInterfaces to expose the daemon
      --alwaysadd command line option which gains an optional mode parameter
    • Image output uses LibGD filled arc bug workaround only for LibGD
      versions that are known to be broken
    • Image output example cgi (examples/vnstat.cgi) improvements
      • Automatically lists all monitored interfaces instead of requiring the
        list to be filled manually, server name in page title comes from
        hostname command by default
      • Provides links for most available images to more detailed or longer
        versions of each image
      • Allows direct interface specific page access with /interfacename suffix
        for the cgi if the used httpd supports PATH_INFO
      • Page auto refresh can be enabled with configurable interval

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