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vnStat 2.7

latest releases: v2.9, v2.8
2 years ago
  • Fixed
    • Possibility of segmentation fault with image list output when database
      existed but no data was available
    • ./configure output could show invalid install paths with some parameter
      combinations (pull request by Severin Glöckner)
    • Columns in text hours graph output could get misaligned if the selected
      system locale used a UTF-8 sequence for the thousands separator instead
      of a single character
  • New
    • Add -5g / --fivegraph options to image output with sizing related
      parameters for the output of a 5 minute resolution bar graph
    • Add configuration option SummaryGraph and optional parameter for
      --hsummary and --vsummary for selecting which graph is shown next to
      the summary data in the horizontal and vertical summary image outputs
    • Add --large / --small options and configuration option LargeFonts for
      controlling the image output font size
    • Add --scale and configuration option ImageScale for scaling the image
      output to a given percent
    • Add configuration option LineSpacingAdjustment for adjusting the line
      spacing of list format image outputs
    • Add bar visualizations for traffic estimations in image output
    • Allow writing image output to a filename starting with -
    • Add --initdb to daemon for creating a new empty database without having
      the daemon process staying running, doesn't discard data if a database
      already exists
    • Add configuration option BarColumnShowsRate for having the bar column in
      image list outputs be scaled according to the average rate column values
      when those values are visible, disabled by default
    • Add --dbiflist for getting a list of interfaces in the database, both
      --iflist and --dbiflist also get alternative more parseable outputs
    • Add configuration option for large font output and make 5 minute
      resolution graph visible in vnstat.cgi

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