github vercel/vercel 15.0.9-canary.2


  • [now dev] Don't render building/built logging for @now/static: 744ef92faa249aa86bc7ac06884c75257acf54ca
  • Use the single request logout endpoint: #2201
  • Wait for aliases in tests: #2257
  • [now dev] fix directory listing: #2256
  • Adds 'to develop' to now init: #2260
  • [now dev] Refactor builders installation logic: #2254
  • Fixed error for .env and #2261
  • Make the message for when the server is running shorter: #2262


Huge thanks to @OlliV, @AndyBitz, @amio, @msweeneydev, and @TooTallNate for helping!

latest releases: vercel@20.1.1-canary.8, vercel@20.1.1-canary.7, @vercel/static-build@0.17.9-canary.1...
pre-release24 months ago