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pre-release24 days ago

Core Changes

  • fix(next-typescript-plugin): allow call expression for server actions: #63748
  • fix: avoid metadata viewport warning during manually merging metadata: #63845
  • feat(next-core): set nextconfigoutput correctly: #63848
  • Ensure we dedupe fetch requests properly during page revalidate: #63849
  • feat(next-swc): Pass names of side-effect-free packages: #63268
  • fix(turbopack): loosen warning log guards: #63880

Documentation Changes

  • Add note about data cache not applying middleware: #63842
  • docs: add details about images options at next.config.js options: #63712
  • Add documentation on debugging memory usage: #63689
  • change aria-disabled on form buttons to disabled: #63852


Huge thanks to @ijjk, @devjiwonchoi, @huozhi, @kwonoj, @mknichel, @kdy1, and @vespertilian for helping!

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