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pre-release27 days ago

Core Changes

  • feat(custom-transforms): partial page-static-info visitors: #63741
  • Ensure Webpack config shows a warning when using Turbopack: #63822
  • feat(turbopack): emit warning into logger: #63780
  • feat(custom-transform): more static info warning: #63837
  • skip HEAD request in server action redirect: #63819
  • OTEL: use the current context when creating a root span: #63825
  • Turbopack: Fail when next/font is used in _document: #63788
  • Move key generation to the earlier stage: #63832
  • fix double redirect when using a loading boundary: #63786
  • fix: default relative canonical url should not contain search: #63843

Misc Changes

  • fix flaky prerender test: #63826
  • Use local AMP validator to reduce test flakiness: #63838


Huge thanks to @ztanner, @kwonoj, @timneutkens, @ijjk, @dvoytenko, @wbinnssmith, @shuding, and @huozhi for helping!

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