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pre-release18 days ago

Core Changes

  • test(turbopack): script to sync latest test lists: #50008
  • Pages Module Transition: #49962
  • Server Actions: Fix member expr in closure captured values: #50020
  • Error in next export when serverActions is enabled: #50039
  • [turbopack]: Update renamed SubpathValue: #49636
  • Fix default metadata is missing in root not-found: #50044
  • Always defer close tags to be the suffix of body stream: #50056
  • Fix types of cookies(): #50052
  • Fix client references extraction of CJS exports analysis: #50059
  • Add x-forwarded-* headers to turbopack renders: #50012
  • Remove node-sass from peerDependencies: #50065
  • Add optional generic parameter to NextResponse: #47526

Misc Changes

  • test: disable cache flaky test: #50064


Huge thanks to @kwonoj, @wyattjoh, @shuding, @huozhi, @jridgewell, @ijjk, and @karlhorky for helping!

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