github verbb/formie 2.1.8

latest releases: 3.0.0-beta.6, 2.1.10, 2.1.9...
15 days ago


  • Added “Source” to Klaviyo Email Marketing integration.
  • Added support for additional SugarCRM fields.
  • Added the ability for cosmetic fields (Heading, HTML, etc) to be included in email notifications.
  • Added the ability to map to HubSpot Hidden fields.


  • Remove Section and Summary fields from rich text editor and variable picker options.


  • Fixed Opayo and 1017 error responses.
  • Fixed Algolia and Google address provider templates.
  • Fixed Table fields not populating properly with populateFormValues() and allow usage of the column handle.
  • Fixed Date/Time columns in Table field with timezone information when editing a submission in the control panel.
  • Fixed Salesforce DateTime fields throwing an error.
  • Fixed renamed theme config keys for some fields (wait until Formie 3).
  • Fixed success/error messages containing paragraph tags not displaying correctly for Ajax-based forms.
  • Fixed field and integration handles using the translated class name when they shouldn’t.
  • Fixed cosmetic field handles not working correctly for non-English-default installs.
  • Fixed a translation error in the control panel when the users language or site is set to German.
  • Fixed some integrations throwing errors when the control panel language was set to non-English.

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