github vektra/mockery v2.28.0

latest releases: v2.28.2, v2.28.1
14 days ago


  • 311c394 Add reference to packages feature section
  • 0e49266 Merge pull request #627 from almas1992/patch-1
  • d0c93f6 Merge pull request #629 from dillonstreator/expecter-structs-with-rolled-variadics
  • 425c292 Update
  • 15a308a adjust testing pattern
  • b964d01 clarify variadic docs
  • db3556e fix broken link
  • fe8de93 fix packages docs
  • 25091d2 support rolled variadics with expecter structs
  • ae9feff test should use require and remove incorrect messages

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