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Changes in 1.1.0 (2023-05-18)

✨ Features

  • Add the entry point for the Start a new Chat flow, with button on home Screen and first page (#680)
  • Show or create direct message room (#716)
  • Add background app refresh support (#892)
  • Adopt compound-ios on the Settings and Bug Report screens. (#43)
  • Set up Analytics to track data. (#106)
  • Add Localazy to the project for strings. (#124)
  • Add user search when creating a new dm room. (#593)
  • Add invites list (UI only) (#605)
  • Users can accept and decline invites. (#621)
  • Added unread badges in the invites list. (#714)
  • Added the Room Member Details Screen. (#723)
  • Ignore User functionality added in the Room Member Details View. (#733)
  • Added DM Details View. (#738)
  • Enabled Push Notifications with static text. (#759)
  • Select members before creating a room (UI for selection) (#766)
  • Local notifications support, these can also be decrypted and shown as rich push notifications. (#813)
  • Remote Push Notifications can now be displayed as rich push notifications. (#855)
  • Create a room screen (UI only) (#877)

🙌 Improvements

  • Bump the SDK version and fix breaking changes. (#703)
  • Updated dependencies, and added a tool to check for outdated ones. (#721)
  • Add test plans for other test targets. (#740)
  • change name to nil in direct room parameters (#758)
  • Guard user suggestions behind feature flag so that they don't impact releasability of other room creation features (#770)
  • Remove styling for developer toggles (#771)
  • Use iOS localization handling for strings. (#803)
  • Analytics: reset user's consents on logout. (#816)
  • Use the existing quote bubble layout with TimelineReplyView. (#883)
  • Use Compound fonts everywhere. Allow the search bar to be styled. (#43)
  • Add Block user toggle to Report Content screen. (#115)
  • Migrate strings to Localazy, remove Android strings and use UntranslatedL10n to be clear when strings won't be translated. (#124)
  • Move media file loading logic to the SDK. (#316)
  • Bump SDK version and fix breaking changes. (#709)
  • Animations are disabled when tapping on an animations when the app is in background. (#776)
  • Removed the about title copy from the people section. (#777)
  • Move search users into UserProvider service (#789)

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Hides the scroll down button for VoiceOver users if it is hidden for visual users by Sem Pruijs (#670)
  • Hide the avatars when the users has larger font on by Sem Pruijs (#690)
  • Hide the message composer textfield placeholder for VoiceOver users by Sem Pruijs (#695)
  • Fix incorrect state string. (#704)
  • Use a local copy of the accent colour in the asset catalog so it is applied to Alerts, Xcode previews etc. (#43)
  • Fix all broken snapshot tests follow strings update. Use double-length pseudolanguage instead of German to avoid translators breaking tests. (#124)
  • Fixed room previews failing to load because of incorrect sliding sync view ranges (#641)
  • Fixed room list not loading in offline mode (#676)
  • Fixed incorrect link detection and handling in the timeline (#687)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the right localisation to be used when the preferred language locale contained a region identifier. (#764)
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the app when tapping on push notifications while the app was in some specific unhandled screens. (#779)
  • Display the room list even if the room count is not exact. (#796)
  • Notifications are now handled when the app is in a killed state. (#802)
  • Fixed a bug that did not render the sender icon of a dm sometimes. (#863)

📄 Documentation

  • Update the link of the element ios room to be the element x ios support room in and by Sem Pruijs (#668)

🚧 In development 🚧

  • Remove AppAuth library and prepare for Rust OIDC. (#261)

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