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Changes in 1.9.9 (2022-10-18)

✨ Features

  • Added RendezvousService and secure channel establishment implementation (#6806)
  • Implemented login with QR code flows when scanning from mobile (#6857)

🙌 Improvements

  • User agents: Ignore OS version for web based sessions (PSG-826). (#6852)
  • Upgrade MatrixSDK version (v0.24.1).
  • Display push toggle for sessions with m.local_notification_settings. events in account_data (#6797)
  • CryptoV2: Incoming verification requests (#6809)
  • Check enabled field in notification settings push toggles (#6814)
  • Only use device type name as fallback for session display name (#6820)
  • Include app name in default session display name (#6828)
  • Tidy up TabBarCoordinator now that AllChatsCoordinator exists. (#6853)
  • Sign Out: Add a SignOutFlowPresenter and use this in All Chats, Settings and the Device Manager. (#6854)
  • Improved the Rich Text Editor to match design requirements. (#6903)

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Filter out application section in session details if needed. (#6898)
  • Rich text editor now supports interactive dismissal by dragging the timeline. (#6919, #6900)
  • Location sharing: removing the loader. (#5571)
  • Element freezes after searching in a room. (#6762)
  • Settings: Use regular titles for all of the sub-screens. (#6804)
  • All Chats: Fix a header glitch when aborting a pop gesture. (#6833)
  • Device manager: Fixes from x-platform testing. (#6864)
  • All chats shows no rooms in the list. (#6869)
  • Device Manager: Navigating to session overview goes to session details. (#6877)
  • "Notifications on this device" not refreshed in user settings screen (#6888)
  • Rich text editor now always focuses if field is tapped within the border. (#6897)
  • Device Manger: Device client information not updated. (#6904)

🧱 Build

  • Remove the (now unused) FFMPEG pod. (#6419)
  • Update build tools from Cocoapods. (#6886)

🚧 In development 🚧

  • Device manager: Inactive sessions screen. (#6786)
  • Device manager: Unverified sessions screen. (#6801)
  • Device Manager: Add logout actions to UserSessionsOverview and UserSessionOverview (#6802)
  • Device Manager: 'View all' button in other sessions list. (#6817)
  • Device manager: Add UserSessionName and Rename actions to UserSessionsOverview and UserSessionOverview. (#6823)
  • Device Manager: Filter sessions. (#6838)
  • Device manager: Add verify device actions to UserSessionsOverview and UserSessionOverview. (#6845)
  • Device manager: Identify inactive sessions. (#6881)


  • Expose AuthenticationRestClient async login token generation method (#6827)
  • Use unstable prefixes for login with QR flows. (#6899)

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