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Changes in 1.9.16 (2023-01-24)

✨ Features

  • Rich Text Composer: Enable bulleted/numbered lists support (#7238)
  • Rich Text Composer: Enable quote & code blocks support (#7271)
  • Voice Broadcast: When deleting a voice broadcast, all data is now deleted on server side (MSC3912 implementation). (#7283)

🙌 Improvements

  • Labs: VoiceBroadcast: Handle VoIP buttons when VB is used (#7225)
  • Polls: add UI for active poll history. (#7267)
  • CryptoSDK: Add labs settings to enable Crypto SDK (#7272)
  • Voice Broadcast: Improved detection of voice broadcast completion during playback. (#7273)
  • Remove "Leave" button on Room details screen (#7275)
  • Polls: poll history UI for past polls. (#7278)
  • Polls: render replies to poll events better. (#7284)
  • CryptoV2: Display migration progress during startup (#7286)
  • Upgrade MatrixSDK version (v0.24.8).
  • Voice broadcast connection error handling while recording. (#7229)
  • Handle a connection issue when we try to start a new voice broadcast. (#7234)
  • Rich Text Editor: https:// or mailto: scheme is automatically added when creating a link if no scheme is specified. (#7279)
  • Rich Text Editor: Adding a link over a blank selection, prompts the user to create a new link with new text to replace such selection. (#7280)
  • Voice Broadcast: handle the lost of connectivity with the homeserver while recording. (#7285)

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Voice Broadcast: The Now Playing Info Center now displays a voice broadcast instead of a voice message when a user is listening to a voice broadcast. (#7257)
  • Fix a crash caused by the missing Avatar Service dependency. (#7268)
  • The (edited) tag for messages is now light grey like on web and Android. (#5148)
  • Live Location Sharing does not work on first selection after granting "Allow always" location permission. (#7222)
  • Voice Broadcast: Fixed an issue where the voice broadcast audio player progress bar behaved unexpectedly. (#7252)
  • Voice Broadcast: VoiceBroadcast chunks are no longer resent as voice messages (#7261)
  • Timeline's links and hyperlinks match now the blue colour of Android and Web. (#7263)

🧱 Build

  • Fix Element Alpha workflow not being able to run. (#7256)

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