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Changes in 1.9.15 (2023-01-10)

✨ Features

  • Threads: Load the thread list using server-side sorting and pagination (#6059)
  • Rich Text Composer: added link creation/editing feature. (#7159)
  • Rich Text Composer: added inline code formatting feature. (#7177)
  • Voice Broadcast: allow to react on Voice Broadcast. (#7179)

🙌 Improvements

  • Labs: VoiceBroadcast: Add backward and forward buttons for playback (#7146)
  • Update the room description in the rooms list in case of live broadcast (incoming or outgoing) (#7160)
  • Labs: VoiceBroadcast: Link the live icon color to the recording state (#7163)
  • Add old device data from user's account data events. (#7164)
  • Labs: VoiceBroadcast: Replace the player timeline (#7165)
  • Labs: VoiceBroadcast: Update Voice Broadcast recorder cell by adjusting some padding values (#7175)
  • Labs: VoiceBroadcast: Update live badge layout for recorder and player cells (#7178)
  • Updates on the UI/UX to conform the device manager to the design. (#7180)
  • Labs: VoiceBroadcast: Handle potential crash whereas a voice broadcast is in progress (#7188)
  • Polls: show decryption errors in timeline during aggregations. (#7206)
  • Device Manager: change fallback display name for sessions. (#7214)
  • Ignore the voice broadcast chunks at the notifications level (#7230)
  • Polls: render the poll ended event in the timeline. (#7231)
  • Upgrade MatrixSDK version (v0.24.7).
  • Updated fastlane script to use Xcode v 14.2. (#7182)

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Labs: Crash on new voice broadcast if the room has avatar (#7173)
  • Fix hidden live location timeline tiles after text messages (#7220)
  • Fix an issue preventing temporary audio files to be deleted. (#7244)
  • App Layout: wrap Space names to 1 line only in the bottom sheet (#6579)
  • Timeline: fixed navigation back from replies. (#7003)
  • Timeline: fixed an issue where formatted links appeared in black. (#7109)
  • Voice Broadcast: Pause voice broadcast listening on new voice broadcast recording (#7192)
  • Direct Message: fixed a crash when a new DM room is created (#7232)
  • Voice Broadcast: Prevent sending voice message during a voice broadcast recording (#7235)

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