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10 months ago

Changes in 1.9.12 (2022-11-15)

✨ Features

  • Threads: added support to read receipts (MSC3771) (#6663)
  • Threads: added support to notifications count (MSC3773) (#6664)
  • Threads: added support to labs flag for read receipts (#7029)
  • Threads: notification count in main timeline including un participated threads (#7038)
  • Unverified sessions alert. (#7056)
  • Labs: Rich-text editor: enable translations between Markdown and HTML when toggling text formatting (#7061)

🙌 Improvements

  • Add informational sheets for user's session states. (#6992)
  • Add the sign out option in the menu in the session overview. (#7001)
  • Add show/hide sessions' ip address in the new session manager. (#7028)
  • Updated GBDeviceInfo pod. (#7051)
  • Improve device manager code coverage. (#7065)
  • Initial sync: Remove 10s wait on failed initial sync (#7068)
  • Upgrade MatrixSDK version (v0.24.3).
  • Labs: Rich text-editor - Add support for plain text mode (#6980)

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Prevent autolayout crashes when showing toast notifications (#7046)
  • Fixed timeline layout issues for reactions and attachments (#7064)
  • Rich Text Composer: Voice Dictation is supported (only plain text can be dictated). (#6945)
  • Rich Text Composer dismisses the keyboard when sending custom iOS emojis as images, like the normal composer. (#6946)
  • Fixed IRC-style message and commands support in Rich text editor (#6962)
  • Fixed the missing keystrokes issue on the Rich Text Editor (#7005)
  • Fixed the long press deleting issue skipping some text on the Rich Text Editor (#7006)
  • Hide push toggles for http pushers when there is no server support. (#7022)
  • Synchronise composer and toolbar resizing animation duration for smoother height updates. (#7025)
  • Device Manager: Session list item is not tappable everywhere. (#7035)
  • Labs: Rich-text editor - Fix text formatting enabled inconsistent state (#7052)
  • Labs: Rich-text editor - Fix text formatting switch losing the current content of the composer (#7054)
  • Threads: removed "unread_thread_notifications" from sync filters for server that doesn't support MSC3773 (#7066)
  • Poll not usable after logging out and back in. (#7070)
  • Threads: Display number of unread messages above threads button (#7076)

🚧 In development 🚧

  • Device Manager: Multi-session sign out. (#6963)

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