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11 months ago

Changes in 1.9.10 (2022-11-01)

✨ Features

  • Changed the info in the background audio message player. (#6870)
  • Added voice message support to the Rich Text Composer (#6941)

🙌 Improvements

  • Improves external links interaction UX. (#6936)
  • Verification: Deprecate legacy device-to-device verification (#6937)
  • Crypto: Define MXCrypto and MXCrossSigning as protocols (#6943)
  • Hide the old session list when the new device manager is enabled. (#6999)
  • Upgrade MatrixSDK version (v0.24.2).
  • Added a responsive placeholder text to the Rich Text Composer (#6935)
  • Added the maximise/minimise toggle button to the Rich Text Composer (#6954)

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Timeline: Fix layout for SwiftUI content views. (#5326)
  • Updates the avatar image loading logics. (#6847)
  • Fixes input text view height when containing multiple lines of text. (#6849)
  • Fixed the placeholder flickering in the input toolbar when there is an height change. (#6949)

🧱 Build

  • Add Z-Labs tag for rich text editor and update to the new label naming. (#6996)

🚧 In development 🚧

  • Device Manager: Multi-session selection. (#6928)


  • Updated templates readme file. (#6925)

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