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18 months ago

Changes in 1.8.8 (2022-03-22)

✨ Features

  • Invite to Space in room landing (#5225)
  • Implement FAB journeys & rough edge warnings (#5226)
  • Space panel overflow journeys & rough edge warnings (#5227)
  • Let people know when rooms have moved. (#5228)
  • Room Settings bottom sheet (#5229)
  • Adding Rooms to Spaces (#5230)
  • Spaces: Update room settings for Spaces (#5231)
  • Spaces: Long press on rooms in space room lists (#5232)
  • Space Settings (#5233)

🙌 Improvements

  • Upgrade MatrixSDK version (v0.23.0).
  • Space creation: Added entire space creation flow. (#5224)
  • Instrument metrics for the IA project. (#5401)
  • RoomDataSource: Reload thread screen for the first message. (#5441)
  • Change behaviour of avatar/self in left menu to match common paradigm and take user to their own profile/settings (#5500)
  • Secure Backup: Add support for mandatory backup/verification (#5745)
  • Thread Notifications: Open thread & reply to thread from notifications. (#5749)
  • IA Metrics: added trigger to JoinedRoom event and implemented ViewRoom event (#5769)
  • Activity Indicators: Replace user indicator presenting view controller with context (#5780)
  • MXKEventFormatter: Extend reply fallback for also non-thread events. (#5816)
  • Location sharing: Support multiple user annotation views on the map. (#5827)
  • MXKRoomDataSource: Pass threadId of room data source for replies. (#5829)
  • MXKEventFormatter: Fix edit fallback usage for edited events. (#5841)
  • RoomViewController: Remove thread list bar button item badge count. (#5853)

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Fix user suggestions not showing up when re-entering a room. (#5876)
  • Prevent the homescreen from resetting on every appearance. (#5885)
  • UserSuggestionViewModel: Fix retain cycle (#5058)
  • Green launch spinner is sometimes dismissed too early causing the incorrect onboarding screen to be displayed. (#5472)
  • Home: Fix crash when pressing tabs (#5547)
  • Selection impossible when filtering in add room screen. (#5757)
  • Room: Refresh header when call actions become available (member count changes) (#5800)
  • Share Extension: Stop logging crashes due to intentional exception that frees up memory and handle changes to MXRoom in the SDK. (#5805)
  • Crash after leaving last space. (#5825)
  • Authentication: Fix a crash that occurred when using the app with an account that had a soft logout. (#5846)
  • MXAccount: Do not clear cache if there are no stored filters (#5873)

⚠️ API Changes

  • Rename scrollEdgesAppearance → scrollEdgeAppearance to match UIKit. (#5826)

🚧 In development 🚧

  • Onboarding: Add screens for setting a display name and avatar when signing up for the first time. (#5652)
  • Location sharing: Handle live location banner view in room screen. (#5857)

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