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Changes in 1.8.4 (2022-03-08)

🙌 Improvements

  • Add a generic SwiftUI Error type with support for showing NSErrors. (#5742)
  • Upgrade MatrixSDK version (v0.22.5).
  • Move chat/room invites to dedicated sections and enable collapsing sections (#5222)
  • Invites: remove exclamation mark badge (#5249)
  • Localisation: Merge MatrixKit.strings into Vector.strings and de-dupe. (#5325)
  • Analytics: Adapt to latest analytics repo & add screens, events & interactions for threads. (#5365)
  • Activity Indicators: Add updated indicators to room loading (#5603)
  • Activity Indicators: Update loading and success messages when leaving room (#5605)
  • Enable activity indicators on the home screen (#5663)
  • Activity Indicators: Enable updated UI for activity indicators and success messages (#5696)
  • Labs/Room: Add a setting to use only latest sender profiles (#5726)
  • Timeline: track and show error message when an event cannot be converted to attributed string (#5739)
  • Activity Indicators: Use new activity indicators on all tabs (#5750)
  • Analytics: Instrument missing screen metrics. (#5763)

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Removed unnecessary and cropped room info avatar shadow. (#5714)
  • Started applying navigation bar theme styles to iOS 13 and 14 too. (#5715)
  • Input Tool Bar: Show it when you jump to an old message (last unread message, direct link or from unified search) (#3779)
  • MXKEventFormatter: Fix text color and font for regular reply events. (#5552)
  • Timeline: Show start of conversation header for every user and only at the actual start of the timeline (#5581)
  • Fixed partially hidden room invitation header. (#5691)
  • MXKEventFormatter: Fix font size for emoji-only replies. (#5712)
  • Room lists: Show the getting started hints again when there are no rooms in a tab. (#5727)
  • Activity Indicator: Use split controller's top navigation controller to present toasts (#5752)

🗣 Translations

  • Add new languages: Ukrainian (#5759)

🚧 In development 🚧

  • Onboarding: Add Congratulations screen. (#5651)


  • Disable the default analytics configurations for forks. (#5687)

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