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Changes in 1.8.2 (2022-02-22)

✨ Features

  • Add Onboarding Use Case selection screen after the splash screen. (#5160)

🙌 Improvements

  • Upgrade MatrixSDK version (v0.22.2).
  • Enabled poll editing and undisclosed polls. Added support for unstable poll prefixes. (#5114)
  • Filter: update placeholder text and icon (#5250)
  • Create Room: Update avatar placeholder & add remove button (#5251)
  • Search: remove bubbles background (#5471)
  • Exclude all files and directories from iCloud and iTunes backup (#5498)
  • ThreadListViewModel: Use new apis to fetch threads. (#5540)
  • Search: Use bundled aggregations if provided. (#5562)
  • MXKRoomDataSource: Stop pagination in a thread when the root event received. (#5582)
  • Add support for UserProperties to analytics and capture FTUE use case selection. (#5590)
  • Add attribution to location sharing maps. (#5609)
  • Onboarding: Use a different green spinner during onboarding and use the one presented by the LegacyAppDelegate only when logged in. (#5621)
  • MXKRoomDataSource: Enable usage of thread timelines. (#5629)

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Home Tab: Initial support for navigating through the room lists using voiceover. (#1433)
  • Authent: fix phone number validation through custom URL (#3562)
  • Fix registration to be compliant with the Matrix specification. This allows registering for accounts on Conduit servers. Contributed by @aaronraimist. (#3736)
  • Fix proximity sensor staying on and sleep timer staying disabled after call ends (#4103)
  • Fonts: Fix dynamic type only working after a fresh launch on SwiftUI views. (#5027)
  • Fixed arithmetical exception errors when changing poll responses. (#5114)
  • Wordings: Replace "kick" and all affiliate word by "remove" (#5346)
  • Markdown/HTML: Fix HTTP links containing Markdown formatting (#5355)
  • Message Bubbles: Fix read marker appearing part way thru a message. (#5521)
  • HomeViewController: Refresh section badges and tab bar badges on updates. (#5537)
  • Update the tintColor in ThemeV1 to sRGB to match the Compound and ThemeV2. (#5545)
  • Message bubbles: Increase text message width. (#5550)
  • Message bubbles: Fix edited text message edited link not working. (#5553)
  • Message bubbles: Fix horizontal lines between messages. (#5555)
  • App Launch: Fix a potential issue where the green spinner is kept on screen when the room lists are ready. (#5559)
  • Authentication: Fix reCaptcha failing to indicate success. (#5602)
  • Timeline: scroll to the bottom when opening a notification (#5639)

🚧 In development 🚧

  • ActivityCenter: Use ActivityCenter to show loading indicators on the home screen (in DEBUG builds only) (#4829)


  • Fixed or ignored various project warnings for better DevX (#5513)
  • SwiftGen: Objective-C support for assets helpers (#5533)
  • Fix introspect not being able to theme the SwiftUI navigation bars. (#5556)
  • Message bubbles: Reduce sender name bottom margin for text message. (#5634)
  • Message bubbles: Use layout constants instead magic numbers. (#5409)

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