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Changes in 1.8.19 (2022-06-14)

✨ Features

  • AuthenticationLoginCoordinator: Implement forgot password flow. (#5655)
  • FTUE: Implement soft logout screen. (#6181)

🙌 Improvements

  • Partial implementation of rich replies (#6155)
  • Upgrade MatrixSDK version (v0.23.9).
  • Display redacted messages in the timeline (#2180)
  • Room: Do not group events containing thread roots. (#5502)
  • Settings: Implement logging out all devices when changing password. (#6175)
  • AuthenticationService: Use identity server from well-known if provided when creating the client. (#6177)
  • FTUE: Support server provisioning links in the authentication flow. (#6180)
  • De-labs message bubbles (#6285)

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Security fix: Prevent the session verification alert and flows from being displayed on top of the Pin entry screen, allowing another session to be verified from a locked app. (#6249)
  • Remove render edit flag and fix a nil room state crash (#6251)
  • Fix in reply to links appearing outside of mx-quote (#4586)
  • Settings: Allow account deactivation when the account was created using SSO. (#4685)
  • Fix reply to usernames containing HTML escape characters (#5526)
  • Room preview unexpectedly triggering within the room (#5939)
  • Room: Add cancel action to contextual menu in every case. (#5989)
  • Fixed home screen room avatars being sometimes square. (#6095)
  • Room Creation: Fix crash when scrolling to bottom of the page. (#6231)
  • Prevent random crashes when tapping links. Avoid displaying the confirmation alert for plain text ones. (#6241)
  • Room: Avoid merging of bubbles if current timeline style does not allow. (#6242)
  • Universal Link: Url decode url fragment before splitting up. (#6207)
  • Room: Do not show redacted reactions in the timeline. (#6293)

🚧 In development 🚧

  • Authentication: Add reveal password button and use a rounded checkbox (#6268)
  • Authentication: Update labels and confetti in new flow. Tidy up onboarding presentation. (#5151)
  • Add an unrecognised certificate alert to the new authentication flow. (#6174)
  • Authentication: Add tests covering the authentication service and wizards. (#6179)
  • Location sharing: Support sending location in background. (#6236)

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