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Changes in 1.8.11 (2022-04-05)

✨ Features

  • RoomViewController: Display threads notice if not displayed before. (#5770)
  • Addded support for Apple context menus in matrix items list screens (#5953)
  • Location sharing: Add the ability for the user to share static location of a pin anywhere on the map (#5858)

πŸ™Œ Improvements

  • Upgrade MatrixSDK version (v0.23.2).
  • Threads: Strip in reply to from thread summaries and latest messages. (#5488)
  • Room: New loading indicators when joining room (#5604)
  • Room: New loading indicators when creating a room (#5606)
  • Location Sharing: Update UI on location sharing view (#5720)
  • Update suggested room preview to behave the same way in all cases (#5771)
  • RoomViewController: Enable thread menu option and display opt-in screen if threads disabled. (#5772)
  • Add "Invite people" to the space menu in the left panel and update menu order (#5810)
  • Allow empty Jitsi default URL in BuildSettings (#5837)
  • Restrict UI components on authentication screen to readable width (#5898)

πŸ› Bugfixes

  • Fixed the regular expression used for link detection in attributed strings. (#5926)
  • Jitsi: fix app not leaving call when widget is removed (#1575)
  • Space preview shows wrong number of members (#4842)
  • Room: Enable joining a room via identifier from another home server (#4858)
  • MXKRoomDataSource: Fix retain cycle (#5058)
  • Sync Spaces order with web (#5134)
  • Fix β€œIt is not possible to join an empty room” on some suggested rooms. (#5170)
  • Fixed "Add Space" error message (#5797)
  • RoomDataSource: Reload thread data source without notifying the screen for the first reply. (#5838)
  • VoiceMessagePlainCell: Fix cell height by adding missing thread summary displayable conformance. (#5870)
  • Authentication: Ensure the login button is always visible (#5875)
  • Threads: Tweaks for design review. (#5878)
  • Search: prevent crash when searching for rooms (#5883)
  • Room: Fix typing performance by avoiding expensive UI operations (#5906)
  • The "Swipe to see all rooms" hint is sometimes presented at the wrong time (#5911)
  • Push notifications: show space preview if user taps invite notification (#5915)
  • Fix session handling of the call presenter. (#5938)
  • not properly set for private access (#5943)
  • Fix for app occasionally getting stuck during launch after Login/Register. (#5948)

⚠️ API Changes

  • Remove unused Bindings in RoundedBorderTextField/Editor (#5910)

πŸ—£ Translations

  • Translations: Enable all languages rather than waiting for an 80% translation. RTL languages are still disabled due to layout and formatting bugs. (#5935)

🚧 In development 🚧

  • Onboarding: Add celebration screen after display name and avatar screens. (#5651)

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