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24 months ago

Changes in 1.6.2 (2021-10-08)

🙌 Improvements

  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.16.5).
  • URL Previews: Use attributed string whitespace for cell heights and stop breaking up the bubble data. (#4896)
  • Replaced localizable strings with generated ones throughout the code. Fixed various translation issues. (#4899)
  • Voice Message scrubbing should require a slightly longer press, to avoid accidental scrubbing when scrolling the timeline (#4935)
  • Pods: Update ffmpeg-kit-ios-audio, FLEX, FlowCommoniOS, Reusable and SwiftLint. (#4939)
  • Service Terms: Track an analytics value on accept/decline of an identity server. (#4955)

🐛 Bugfixes

  • RecentsDataSource: Memory leak in [RecentsDataSource dataSource:didStateChange:]. (#4193)
  • i18n: Standardise casing of identity server and integration manager. (#4559)
  • MasterTabBarController: Listen to MXSpaceNotificationCounter to update the notification badge (#4898)
  • Fixed unintentional voice message drafts on automatically cancelled recordings (under 1 second) (#4970)

🧱 Build

  • Element Alpha: Build on macOS 11 to fix iOS 15 installation error. (#4937)
  • Bundler: Update CocoaPods and fastlane and xcode-install. (#4951)

📄 Documentation

  • Update PR template with a checkbox for accessibility and self review. (#4920)

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