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2 years ago

✨ Features

🙌 Improvements

  • MXRoomSummary: Adapt room summary changes on MatrixSDK (#4360).
  • EncryptionKeyManager: Create keys for room last message data type.
  • Integrated FLEX for debug builds.
  • VoIP: Add dial pad for PSTN capable servers to menu on homescreen.
  • VoIP: Replace call bar with PiP tiles for every type of calls.
  • Security settings: Display the cross-signing section (#4430).
  • Security settings: The Secure backup section has been updated to match element-web UX (#4430).
  • Wording: Replace Recovery Passphrase and Recovery Key by Security Phrase and Security Key (#4268).
  • Room directory: Join room by alias or id (#4429).
  • Room lists: Avoid app freezes by building them on a separated thread (#3777).

🐛 Bugfix

  • StartChatViewController: Add more helpful message when trying to start DM with a user that does not exist (#224).
  • RoomDirectCallStatusBubbleCell: Fix crash when entering a DM after a call is hung-up/rejected while being answered (#4403).
  • ContactsDataSource: iPad Crashes when you select a contact in search and then collapse a section or clear the query text (#4414).
  • SettingsViewController: Fix "auto" theme message to clarify that it matches the system theme on iOS 13+ (#2860).
  • VoIP: Handle application inactive state too for VoIP pushes (#4269).
  • VoIP: Do not terminate the app if protected data not available (#4419).
  • KeyVerification: Listen for request state changes and show QR reader option when it's ready.
  • NSE: Recreate background sync service if credentials changed (#3695).
  • HomeViewController: Don't clip the home view when searching for rooms on iPhone 12 Pro Max (#4450).

⚠️ API Changes

🗣 Translations

🧱 Build

  • GH Actions: Make sure we use the latest version of MatrixKit.



  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.15.1).

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