github vector-im/element-ios v1.4.0

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2 years ago

✨ Features

🙌 Improvements

  • Crypto: Do not decrypt synchronously. It asynchronously happens upstream now (#4306).
  • Navigation: Start decoupling view controllers managed by MasterTabBarController (#3596 and #3618).
  • Jitsi: Include optional server name field on JitsiJWTPayloadContextMatrix.
  • CallPresenter: Add more logs for group calls.
  • Logging: Adopted MXLog throughout the application (/issues/4351).

🐛 Bugfix

  • Make bundler operations in the cloned repository folder.
  • VoIP: Fix call bar layout issue for landscape.

⚠️ API Changes

🗣 Translations

  • Fix missing translation files for Icelandic.
  • Enable Esperanto, Portuguese (Brazil), Kabyle, Norwegian Bokmål (nb), Swedish, Japanese and Welsh.

🧱 Build



  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.15.0).

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