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2 years ago

✨ Features

🙌 Improvements

  • Jitsi: Use Jitsi server from homeserver's Well Known, if present, to create conferences (#3158).
  • RoomMemberDetailsVC: Enable / disable "Hide all messages from this user" from settings (#4281).
  • RoomVC: Show / Hide More and Report Content contextual menu from settings (#4285).
  • SettingsVC: Show / hide NSFW and decrypted content options from build settings (#4290).
  • RoomVC: Tweaked Scroll to Bottom FAB button (#4272).
  • DesignKit: Introduce a new framework to manage design components.
  • Add Jitsi widget remove banner for privileged users.
  • Update "Jump to unread" banner to a pill style button.
  • CallVC: Add transfer button.

🐛 Bugfix

  • RoomVC: Avoid navigation to integration management using integration popup with settings set to integration disabled (#4261).
  • RiotSettings: Logging out resets RiotSettings (#4259).
  • RoomVC: Crash in setScrollToBottomHidden method (#4270).
  • Notifications: Make them work in debug mode (#4274).
  • VoIP: Fix call bar layout issue (#4300).

⚠️ API Changes

🗣 Translations

🧱 Build

  • GH Actions: Make jobs use the right version of MatrixKit and MatrixSDK.



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