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Changes in 1.10.12 (2023-05-16)

✨ Features

  • Add composer suggestions for slash commands (#7493)

🙌 Improvements

  • Crypto: Deprecate MXLegacyCrypto (#7508)
  • Add a flag in the build settings to force the user to define a homeserver instead of using the default one. (#7541)
  • Upgrade MatrixSDK version (v0.26.10).
  • Add an audio alert when the voice broadcast recording is automatically paused (#7504)
  • Timeline: Remove the matrix ID displayed when someone has changed its display name. (#7517)

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Fix an issue where the Secrets Reset screen would open twice. (#7404)
  • Make sure to use the chosen language for the VoiceOver voice too. (#7493)
  • Fix the position of the send confirmation icon. (#7512)
  • Disable accessibility for emojis during session verification. (#7521)
  • Fix accessibility when entering the PIN to unlock the app. (#7522)
  • Fix voiceover order of room creation header and message composer. (#7543)
  • Fix: The last event description text color now matches the active theme. (#7545)
  • Fix mention pills display in thread list (#7322)
  • Poll: The timeline sometimes displayed closed polls in the wrong order. (#7497)
  • Fix a flickering issue when the timeline datasource is reloaded. (#7523)
  • Fix the position of the marker highlighting an event. (#7526)
  • Fix application crashing when opening a thread with RTE enabled (#7530)
  • Labs: Rich Text Editor: Fix partial text messages not being saved for each room (#7535)

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