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7 months ago

Changes in 1.10.1 (2023-02-07)

✨ Features

  • Add mark as unread option for rooms (#7253)

🙌 Improvements

  • Polls: add logic for fetching poll histories in rooms. (#7293)
  • Poll: add a feature to load more polls in the poll history. (#7303)
  • CryptoV2: Generate Crypto SDK store key (#7310)
  • Poll: added poll detail in poll list hisotry with navigation to timeline (#7314)
  • Backup: Display backup import progress (#7319)
  • Polls: sync push rules with the one of normal messages. (#7320)
  • CryptoV2: Reset Crypto SDK on logout (#7323)
  • Polls: add error handling when syncing push rules with the ones of normal messages. (#7324)
  • CryptoV2: Refresh notification service on crypto change (#7332)
  • CryptoV2: Enable Crypto SDK for production (#7333)
  • Polls: add automatic synchronization logic for poll push rules. (#7335)
  • Polls: update poll history UI. (#7341)
  • Upgrade MatrixSDK version (v0.25.1).
  • Hide the presence info if the presence status is unknown. (#6597)
  • Inform the user about decryption errors during a voice broadcast. (#7189)
  • App Layout: Removed the onboarding flow (#7298)
  • Improve error handling during a voice broadcast playback. (#7311)
  • Labs: Rich text editor: enable list items indentation (#7316)

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