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Changes in 0.8.5 (2019-05-03)


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.9.9).
  • Push: Add more logs to track spontaneously disabling (#2348).
  • Widgets: Use scalar prod urls in Riot mobile apps (#2349).
  • Productiviy: Create templates (see Tools/Templates/
  • Notifications: Use UserNotifications framework for local notifications (iOS 10+), thanks to @fridtjof (PR #2207).
  • Notifications: Added titles to notifications on iOS 10+, thanks to @fridtjof (PR #2347).
  • iOS 12 Notification: Group them by room (#2337 and PR #2347 thanks to @fridtjof).
  • Notifications: When navigate to a room, remove associated delivered notifications (#2337).
  • Key backup: Adjust wording for untrusted backup to match Riot Web.
  • Jitsi integration: Use the matching WebRTC framework (#1483).
  • Fastlane: Set iCloud container environment (PR #2385).
  • Remove code used for iOS 9 only (PR #2386).

Bug fix:

  • Share extension: Fix a crash when receive a memory warning (PR #2352).
  • Upgraded rooms show up in the share extension twice (#2293).
  • +N read receipt text is invisible on dark theme (#2294).
  • Avoid crashes with tableview reload animation in settings and room settings (PR #2364).
  • Media picker: Fix some retain cycles (PR #2382).

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