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pre-release5 years ago


  • Add a new tab to list the user's communities (vector-im/riot-meta#114).
  • Add new screens to display the community details, edition is not supported yet (vector-im/riot-meta#115, vector-im/riot-meta#116, vector-im/riot-meta#117).
  • Room Settings: handle the related communities in order to show flair for them.
  • User Settings: Let the user enable his community flair in rooms configured to show it.
  • Replace Google Analytic by Matomo(Piwik) (PR #1753).
  • Spontaneous logout: Try to detect it in AuthenticationViewController and crash the app if it happens (PR #1761).
  • Share: Make sure the progress bar is always displayed.
  • Jitsi: update lib to jitsi-meet_2794 tag.

Bug Fix:

  • iPad: export e2e keys failed, there pops no window up where to save the keys (#1733).
  • Widget can display "Forbidden" (#1723).
  • keyboard is not dark when entering bug report in dark theme (#1720), thanks to @daverPL (PR #1729).
  • Contact Details: The contact avatar quality is very low when the contact details screen is opened from a link.
  • Cancel Buttons use style Cancel (PR #1737), thanks to @tellowkrinkle.
  • Share Extension: Fix crash on a weak self (PR #1744).
  • Share: The extension crashes if you try to share a GIF image (#1759)


  • Catalan, added thanks to @sim6 and @salvadorpla (PR #1767).

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