github vector-im/element-ios v0.6.18

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pre-release5 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.7.15).
  • RoomVC: Add a re-request keys button on message unable to decrypt (#1879).
  • Analytics: Move code from AppDelegate to a dedicated class: Analytics.
  • Analytics: Track Matrix SDK stats (time to startup the app).
  • Crypto: Add telemetry for events unable to decrypt (UTDs).
  • Added the i18n localisation strings to the accessibility labels (#1842), thanks to @einMarco (PR#1906).
  • Added titles to sound files ID3 tags.

Bug fix:

  • RoomVC: Read receipts processing dramatically slows down UI (#1899).
  • Lag in typing (#1820).
  • E2E messages not decrypted in notifs after logging back in (#1914).

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