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5 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.7.8).
  • Add Catalan, thanks to @salvadorpla.
  • Add Bulgarian, thanks to @rbozhkova.
  • Add quick reply to notifications (#625), thanks to @joeywatts(PR #1777).
  • Room: Inform user when they cannot post to a room because of low power level.
  • Matrix Apps: Enable them by default. Remove the settings from LABS section (#1795).
  • Improve server load on event redaction (#1730).

Bug Fix:

  • Push: Missing push notifications after answering a call (#1757).
  • Fix screen flashing at startup (#1798).
  • Cannot join from a room preview for room with a long topic (#1645).
  • Groups: Room summary should not display notices about groups (#1780).
  • MXKEventFormatter: Emotes which contain a single emoji are expanded to be enormous (#1558).
  • Crypto: e2e devices list not shown (#1782).
  • Direct Chat: a room was marked as direct by mistake when I joined it.

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