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pre-release5 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.7.0).
  • Add Riot to the system share options, thanks to @aramsargsyan.
  • Add support of Callkit, thanks to @morozkin
    • Matrix incoming calls are displayed by the system including on the lock screen.
    • Matrix Calls are listed in the system call history.
  • Add support of Pushkit, thanks to @morozkin:
    • Message content in notifications does not go anymore through Apple service.
    • Riot can display decrypted message.
    • Riot shows the system incoming screen on Matrix incoming call notifications.
  • RoomVC: Add the ability to cancel the sending of a room message and improve the cancellation of a media upload (PR #1550).
  • BugReportVC: Do not send empty report (bis) (PR #1573).
  • Refactor the Podfile to make extensions management easier (PR #1586).
  • Logs: Logs app extensions into separate files (console-share.log & console-siri.log) (PR #1602).
  • Add message sending to non-e2e rooms via Siri, thanks to @morozkin (PR #1606).

Bug Fix:

  • Switching network filter in room directory is ignored when searching the dir (part of #1496, PR #1584).
  • Search in directory: Fix crash in Simplified Chinese (PR #1588).
  • Member Info page avatars are systematically cropped (iOS 11) (#1590, PR #1604).
  • Room Preview: the room name and avatar are missing for somepublic rooms (#1603, PR #1605).

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