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Changes in 0.5.0 (2017-08-01)


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.6.0).
  • MXKRoomViewController: Merge of membership events (MELS).
  • Language can be changed at runtime from the settings.
  • Add the attachments support (
  • Improve opening of a room. No more white screen with a loading wheel.
  • Remove MXKAlert, use UIAlertViewController instead.
  • UX Rework: Add edition mode support to the home page (vector-im/riot-meta#75).
  • RoomTableViewCell: Replace the direct chat icon with a green ring.
  • People: Use the user directory api from the homeserver to search people (vector-im/riot-meta#95).
  • Add support of links to users (#1410).
  • RoomVC: Send button: Fix its width adjustability to support other languages.


Bug fixes:

  • Home: On iOS <= 9.0, the rooms collection scrolls to the left on room edition.
  • Home: Fix the flickering effects observed when user edits a room on iOS < 10.
  • Camera preview is broken after a second try (#686).
  • Fix the wrong preview layout on iPad described in PR #1372.
  • Room settings: ticks are badly refreshed (#681).

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