github vector-im/element-ios v0.4.1

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pre-release6 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.5.1).

Bug fixes:

  • Room Chat: Scrolling manually to the bottom of the no live timeline doesn't flip it to read/write view (#1312).
  • Enhancement - UX Rework: Update the buttons of the room expanded header (vector-im/riot-meta#76).
  • Contact search: Unexpected empty search result.
  • tap-on-tab should include the top-of-page location in its cycle of options (#1316).
  • Fix crash on decline button, thanks to @morozkin (#1330).
  • Room directory: stuck after the 20 first items (#1329).
  • Room directory: "No public rooms available" is displayed while loading (#1336).
  • Room directory: Clicking on "No public rooms available" make the app crash.
  • Crash when hitting a room header after some special steps (#1340).
  • Chat screen: the search icon is missing after switching in live from a non live timeline (#1344).
  • Crash when hitting room from unified search/browse directory (#1342).
  • tapping on an unread room on home page takes you to the wrong room (#1304).
  • Read marker: when being kicked, the "Jump to first unread message" shouldn't be displayed (#1338).

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