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pre-release6 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.5.0).
  • Full UX rework.
  • Add read markers synchronisation across matrix clients.
  • Add a new popup dialog for reporting bugs and crashes
  • Add a picker to select a server directory.
  • Add an option to join room by id or alias.
  • Pods: Update Cocoapods and reduce Riot/OLM coupling, thanks to @hberenger (PR #1220).

Bug fixes:

  • Files search: display the attachment thumbnail (#1135).
  • Chevron to exit roomview after clicking through from search results can disappear (#841).
  • Public rooms: Fix the infinite loading of the public rooms list after logging out & in.
  • iOS should have 'Send a message (encrypted)' in placeholder (#1231).
  • Fix dangling in the memory CallViewController, thanks to @morozkin (#1248).
  • Fix crash in MediaPickerViewController (#1252).
  • Fix crash in global search (
  • Fix crash in [MXKContactManager localContactsSplitByContactMethod] (
  • Fix App crashes on [AvatarGenerator imageFromText:withBackgroundColor:] (#657).

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