github vector-im/element-ios v0.3.9

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6 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.4.7).
  • E2E keys export: Add an "Export keys" button to the settings.
  • Improve app disk usage: this may save hundreds of MB.
  • Update WebRTC pod to 56.10.15101 (#991).
  • Trying to delete 3pid invites fails with terrible error (#999).
  • Hide/show the non-matrix-enabled contacts from the local contacts section (#904).
  • Show riot enabled local contacts in known contacts too (#1001).
  • Local contact section should be collapsable even when no search is started (#1017).

Bug fixes:

  • App stuck in Riot animation on cold start (#964).
  • Got stuck syncing forever (#1008).
  • Duplicated msg when going into room details (#970).
  • Local echoes for typed messages stay (far) longer in grey (#1007).
  • App crashes a few seconds after a successful login (#965).
  • Unexpected red navigation bar.
  • Rageshake on membership list doesn't work (#987).
  • New invite button should still be visible when the keyboard is shown (#961).
  • RoomDataSource: some room data listeners are not removed correctly.
  • Emoji displaynames aren't correctly initialed (#979).
  • App crash: [MXKRoomInputToolbarView contentEditingInputsForAssets:withResult:onComplete:] (#1015).
  • App crash: [__NSCFString replaceCharactersInRange:withString:]: nil argument (#990).

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