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pre-release6 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.4.8).
  • RoomActivitiesViews: Automatically update its height according to the messageTextView content.
  • Room preview: If no data is available for this room, we name it with the known room alias if any.
  • Crypto: Show an alert when sending a message while there are unknown devices in the room.
  • Crypto: Add the screen that list unknown devices (UsersDevicesViewController).
  • Crypto: Add global and per-room settings to blacklist unverified devices.
  • Crypto - Warn unknown devices: Add a send anyway button.
  • Crypto: Display an alert warning about the beta state of e2e encryption when entering the first time in an encrypted room.
  • Settings: Add mobile phone numbers in user's profile.
  • Settings: Support the third-party identifier deletion in the user's profile.
  • Registration: Support the login flow based on a mobile phone number (msisdn).
  • Login: Support the new login API with different types of identifiers (id, thirdparty and phone). We keep supporting the old login API.
  • Improve the people invite screens: Discover Riot/Matrix users by using the local phone numbers (#904).

Bug fixes:

  • Avatars (and probably other media) do not display with account on a self-signed server (#816)
  • App crashes on new start chat.
  • Corrupted room state: some joined rooms appear in Invites section (#1029).
  • Remove Riot animation (if any) in case of a forced logout.
  • Registration: support the dummy authentication flow (#912).
  • Settings: Disable 'Save' button on saving.
  • Default room avatar for an empty room should not be your own face (#1044).
  • Resend msgs now? needs cancel button if you want to discard them (#306).
  • Crypto: After importing keys, the newly decrypted msg have a forbidden icon (#1028).

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