github vector-im/element-ios v0.2.0

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pre-release7 years ago


  • Update name & icons
  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.3.17).
  • Screen when placing a voip call can be incredibly ugly #597.
  • Tap on avatar in Member Info page to zoom to view avatar full page #517.
  • Change the message edit edit like in web #591
  • Messages: "Start chat" is the suggestion to replace 'invite people'.
  • Contact details: Enable voip call options.
  • People tab: support email and matrix id selection.

Bug fixes:

  • Tapping notifications doesn't take you to the right room in iOS 10 #599.
  • iOS10: App crashes when it wants to access user's data (Photos, Contacts, Camera, Mic) #605.
  • Chat screen: Hang up icon overlap the send button #614.

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