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3 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.11.3).
  • Integrations: Use the integrations manager provided by the homeserver admin via .well-known (#2815).
  • i18n: Add Welsh (cy).
  • i18n: Add Italian (it).
  • SerializationService: Add deserialisation of Any.
  • RiotSharedSettings: New class to handle user settings shared accross Riot apps.
  • Widgets: Check user permission before opening a widget (#2833).
  • Widgets: Check user permission before opening jitsi (#2842).
  • Widgets: Add a contextual menu to refresh, open outside, remove and revoke the permission (#2834).
  • Settings: Add an option for disabling use of the integration manager (#2843).
  • Jitsi: Display room name, user name and user avatar in the conference screen.
  • Improve UNNotificationSound compatibility with MA4 (IMA/ADPCM) file, thanks to @pixlwave (PR #2847).

Bug fix:

  • Accessibility: Make checkboxes accessible in terms of service screen.
  • RoomVC: Tapping on location links gives 'unable to open link' (#2803).
  • RoomVC: Reply to links fail with 'unable to open link' (#2804).

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