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3 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.11.1).
  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.11.0).
  • Widgets: Whitelist MSC1961 widget urls.
  • Settings: CALLS section: Always display the CallKit option but grey it out when not available (only on China).
  • VoIP: Fallback to STUN server with a confirmation dialog (#2646).
  • Widgets: Whitelist MSC1961 widget urls
  • i18n: Enable Polish (pl).
  • Room members: third-party invites can now be revoked
  • Privacy: Prompt to accept integration manager policies on use (#2600).
  • Privacy: Make clear that device names are publicly readable (#2662).
  • Privacy: Remove the ability to set an IS at login/registration (#2661).
  • Privacy: Remove the bind true flag from 3PID calls on registration (#2648).
  • Privacy: Remove the bind true flag from 3PID adds in settings (#2650).
  • Privacy: Email help text on registration should be updated without binding (#2675).
  • Privacy: Use MXIdentityService to perform identity server requests (#2647).
  • Privacy: Support identity server v2 API authentication (#2603).
  • Privacy: Use the hashed v2 lookup API for 3PIDs (#2652).
  • Privacy: Prompt to accept identity server policies on firt use (#2602).
  • Privacy: Settings: Allow adding 3pids when no IS (#2659).
  • Privacy: Allow password reset when no IS (#2658).
  • Privacy: Allow email registration when no IS (#2657).
  • Privacy: Settings: Add a Discovery section (#2606).
  • Privacy: Make NSContactsUsageDescription more generic and mention that 3pids are now uploaded hashed (#2521).
  • Privacy: Settings: Add IDENTITY SERVER section (#2604).
  • Privacy: Make IS terms wording clearer when we fallback to (#2760).

Bug fix:

  • Theme: Make button theming work (#2734).

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