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pre-release7 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.3.8).
  • Authentication: Support forgot password option.
  • Messages: Display badges for missed notifications and unread msgs #290.
  • Handle missing VoIP better #323.
  • Add login information to the settings page #330.
  • Directory should be accessible from search even if the search field is empty #104.
  • Settings: Publish third party licenses #304.
  • Settings: Prompt user when notifications are denied.
  • Settings: Disable spell-checking on add email field.
  • Permalinks: Use the beta path of the web app instead of /develop.
  • Authentication: Update the default login flow to the HS.
  • Authentication: Support automatic fallback to HS for existing users.
  • Chat screen: Improved images & videos sending failure UX: Show a red border when the attachment sending failed.
  • Change App badge handling: Replace the missed notifications count with the missed discussions count.
  • Created Room: replace active member label with "invite members" #346.

Bug fixes:

  • Settings: App crashes when user goes back during saving #345.
  • Tapping on icons in recents view doesn't work #298.
  • Crash when the ?, the punctuation mark, is considered as part of a link #320.
  • Messages: All blank after upgrade; no spinner #311.
  • The client should automatically log out when the password is updated from another client #247.
  • Application can crash when a video failed to be converted before sending #318.
  • Room Participants - Search result: the user id should be displayed when 2 members has the same display name #293.
  • Loading one image thumbnail in a sequence seems to set all fullres images downloading #316.
  • It's too hard to press names to auto-insert nicks #309.
  • Need to check push notification registration #333.
  • Option to autocomplete nicknames from their member info page #317.
  • Messages: Apply apple look&feel on overscroll #179.
  • It sounds like something is filling up the logs #344.
  • When images & videos fail to send, it is not clear that they are stuck as 'red' unsent messges #313.
  • Chat screen: Tap on clock status bar should scroll you up #289.
  • tap-on-recents-status-bar doesn't scroll me to top #125.
  • Signout button gives zero user feedback when tapped #302.
  • Champagne search bubbles appears over the rooms list while searching a room member #64.
  • Settings: Profile avatar is not clickable #351.
  • Default text in the memberlist search box would be less confusing if it was 'Search/invite by...' instead of the other way around #349.

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