github vector-im/element-ios v0.1.6

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7 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.3.7).
  • Room member details: Order members by power levels (me, admins then moderators then others).
  • Room member details: Sort members with the same algo as Vector web client.
  • Universal link: Add as associated domain.
  • Chat screen: Open member details on tap-on-avatar #294.
  • Ability to report abuse #295.
  • Ability to ignore users #295.

Bug fixes:

  • 6+/iPad: Better manage user with no room in landscape #268.
  • Handle the error on joining a room where everyone has left #283.
  • Video playback stops when you rotate the device #266.
  • 'Enable notifications on your device' toggle spills over the side on an iPhone 5 display #167.
  • Media Picker: user's albums are missing #208.
  • Authentication screen: inputs fields are missing (blank screen) on first app launch.
  • Room member details: only the "start chat" text is clickable, not that whole button area. #282
  • Media Picker: Fix icons used on video preview.
  • Room Participants - Search session: the return key must be 'Done' instead of 'Search' #292.

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