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7 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.3.6).
  • Universal link: Support universal links declared at
  • Room Members: Add Admin/Moderator badge on members's picture.
  • Room members: Support search option #154.
  • Room member details: display matrix id when user taps on display name #129.
  • Expanded Header: adjust labels position when room topic is empty #134.
  • Expanded Header: the height is now variable.
  • Chat screen: Support room preview.
  • Support room preview from email invitation.
  • Chat Screen: Expand header on new created room #229.
  • Chat Screen: Collapse expander header when user scrolls it down.
  • Chat Screen: Keep visible the expanded header or the preview in case of screen rotation, except on iPad and iPhone 6 plus.
  • Universal link: Handle universal links clicked within the app.
  • Universal link: Manage email validation link as universal link
  • AppDelegate: Improved popToHomeViewControllerAnimated: there is now a completion callback called when we are sure that HomeVC is the visibility VC.
  • AppDelegate: Added fixURLWithSeveralHashKeys method in order to fix iOS NSURLs with several hash keys in it.
  • VoIP: Show an action sheet when the user clicks on the call button. He will be able to select Voice or Video Call.

Bug fixes:

  • Store: Detect and remove corrupted room data #160.
  • Cannot paginate to the origin of the room #214.
  • Wrong application icon badge number #254.
  • The hint text animated weirdly horizontally after i send msgs #124.
  • Cancelling registration while waiting for email validation does not actually cancel it #240.
  • Chat screen: lag during the history scrolling. #192.
  • Chat screen: wrong attachment is opened #237.
  • Add nextLink to registration link #202.
  • Room members: Add a specific section INVITED #132.
  • Room Members: Handle correctly the power level.
  • Messages: The user should be able to shrink/expand each section (Invites, Favourites, Conversations...).
  • Chat header: Room details opening is delayed #181.
  • Messages: Room creation button does not respond #249.

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