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7 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.3.16).
  • Enhancement: Improve room creation process #529
  • VoIP and conference call features are enabled by default.
  • Custom audio call sounds.
  • Hyperlink mxids and room aliases: open room member detail or contact detail screen when clicking on a mxid #442.
  • Intercept and create URLs within the app #547.
  • Chat screen: We should put an unread room count next to the back button #467.
  • Chat screen: New message(s) notification #532.
  • Chat screen: Add "view source" option on the selected event #459.
  • Chat screen: Context menu should have option to quote a message #502.
  • Chat screen: Cut the context menu in 2 pages. The 2nd page of options is displayed when pressing "More" #502.
  • Room Settings: Ability to copy permalinks for rooms and msgs #276.
  • Call screen: use white as the background colour on VC on iOS.
  • Conference call: Let users join confs as voice or video #574.
  • Settings: Add 'mark all as read' option #541.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix crash in [SettingsViewController heightForHeaderInSection:].
  • Fix crash with incoming calls: "Application tried to present a nil modal view controller on target <UISplitViewController: 0x13f833800>".
  • On iPad, after you use room search, there's no way to leave the search view #440.
  • Chat screen: The navigation bar is missing #414.
  • Chat screen: Hide the expanded header when user has left the current room.
  • Chat screen: The collapse point for scrolling down the keyboard should include the activities view #280.
  • Chat screen: missed discussions badge would go red only if the user missed a highlight #563.
  • Chat screen: Conference call banner: hide the 1px separator view that rendered badly with the banner.
  • Chat screen: wrong attachment is opened #387.
  • Chat screen: mention the member name at the cursor position (not a the end) #385.
  • Chat screen: Add feedback when user clicks on attached files #534.
  • Chat screen: Attachment viewer: Video controls are buggy #460.
  • Chat screen: Preview on world readable room failed #556.
  • Chat screen: Until e2e is impl'd, encrypted msgs should be shown in the UI as unencryptable warning text #559.
  • Chat screen: Kick reason should displayed like the webclient #549.
  • Room screen: mention the member name at the cursor position (not a the end) #163.
  • Room activities: Allow to display the info on 2 lines so that "Connectivity to the server has been lost" can be displayed on iPhone5 in portrait.
  • Room Settings: tap on existing room address is ignored #503.
  • Room Settings: some addresses are missing #528.
  • Room members: a member is displayed offline by mistake #406.
  • Room participants: the same email address is coming up twice #367.
  • Room participants: Folks expect hitting 'done' when entering an mxid to invite, rather than having to hit + #487.
  • Call: The "Return to call" banner does not rotate with the device #482.
  • Call: there is no timeout on outgoing call #577.
  • Call: When screen is locked, rotating the screen landscape makes local video preview go upside down #519.
  • Call: Locking phone whilst setting up a call interrupts the call setup #161.
  • AppDelegate: Notification display failed when a view controller is presented modally.
  • Settings: Trim leading/trailing space when setting display names #554.
  • Vector automatically marks incoming messages as read in background #558.
  • Sync has got stuck while the app was backgrounded #506.
  • Handle 404 (Event not found) on permalinks #484.

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