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pre-release7 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.3.14).
  • Add conference call.
  • Add the Vector VoIP call screen #455.
  • Speed up app startup #376.
  • Call: Update the libjingle lib to its latest version. We now use the pod from
  • Conference call: Add an enabler button in Settings > LABS.
  • Conference call: Add ongoing conference call banner.
  • Banned user list are shown in room settings #450.
  • Display the list of ignored users in user settings #451.
  • Media Picker: Allow multi selection of pictures #301.
  • Settings: Adjust the section header display.

Bug fixes:

  • Redacting membership events should immediately reset the displayname & avatar of room members #443.
  • Profile changes shouldn't reorder the room list #494.
  • Media album: The aspect fill ratio is not respected #495.
  • "Return to call" banner: Use the Vector green for the background #482.
  • Tapping on the room details for Matrix HQ freezes the app for about 5s #499.
  • Crash in [AppDelegate applicationDidBecomeActive:] #489.
  • Chat screen: tapping resend now does nothing #510.
  • Conference call: The initialisation of a conference call silently fails when the room member has not enough power level (
  • When the last message is redacted, [MXKRecentCellData update] makes paginations loops #520.
  • MXSession: Do not send kMXSessionIgnoredUsersDidChangeNotification when the session loads the data from the store #491.
  • MXHTTPClient: Fix crash: "Task created in a session that has been invalidated" #490.
  • Call: the remote and local video are not scaled to fill the video container #537.

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