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7 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.3.11).
  • Chat Screen: Set the right tint color of the "send" button.
  • Messages: Add pink red badge on each invitation #426.
  • Add 'leave' button to room settings #417.
  • Settings: Set the right label text color.
  • Room Settings: Add "Addresses" section #412.
  • Messages: switch decline and preview buttons on invites #447.

Bug fixes:

  • App crashes when the user leaves Settings whereas an email binding is in progress.
  • App crashes during [AppDelegate applicationDidEnterBackground:] #452.
  • Room Participants: Admin badge is missing sometimes.
  • Room Participants: The swipe to Leave/Kick is broken.
  • Markdown swallows leading #'s even if there are less than 3 #423.
  • HTML blockquote is badly rendered: some characters can miss #437.
  • Room Settings: check room permissions and grey out those boxes (disable) if you can't change them #430.
  • Room Settings: if there isn't a topic (new rooms) you can't actually change/set it. #441.

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