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7 years ago


  • Upgrade MatrixKit version (v0.3.10).
  • Room preview: Show a preview of messages.
  • Room preview: Improve header in landscape
  • Add missing slash commands: /invite, /part and /topic #223.
  • Add Markdown typing support and display of "org.matrix.custom.html" messages body #403
  • Room search: search result includes the search pattern when it corresponds to a valid room alias or id #328
  • Room search: Room preview is used when the user selects a public room that he did not join yet #329.
  • Rooms global search: Refresh the current search results when view will appear.
  • Directory: handle tap on clock status bar.
  • Search Screen: add People tab and contact picker.
  • Chat screen: Mark event in permalinks or search results.
  • Chat screen: Show bing in pink red #410.
  • Chat screen: Show links in green.
  • Room Participants: Validate correctly matrix user identifier during search session.
  • Room Settings: Prompt user to save changes when Members list tab is selected.
  • Room Settings: Add favourite/low prio toggle in room settings #218.
  • Room Settings: Have proper room settings (Room access, History visibility) #337.

Bug fixes:

  • Room screen: Tap on attached video does nothing #380.
  • Hitting back after search results does not refresh results #190.
  • App crashes on : [<__NSDictionaryM> valueForUndefinedKey:] this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key .
  • MXKEventFormatter: Add sanity check on event content values to fix "-[__NSCFDictionary length]: unrecognized selector sent to instance" exception.
  • MXKRoomActivitiesView: Fix exception on undefined MXKRoomActivitiesView.xib.
  • App freezes on iOS8 when user goes back on Recents from a Room Chat.
  • Room Preview: the room avatar is missing on invited room received by email #371.
  • Authentication view is not presented when app is launched offline #375.
  • Initial launch flickers up a blank Messages page before the Login page is shown #287.
  • Can't view MemberInfo when inviting users without actually inviting them #271.
  • Room Participants: Idle contacts must be listed before offline contacts in search result.
  • Media Picker: move the camera roll at the top of the folders #373.
  • Room members: double loading wheel #180.
  • App crashes on '/join' command when no param is provided.

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