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Vaadin 14.11.9

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Vaadin 14.11.9

Vaadin consists of a set of web components, a Java web framework, configurable themes, tools and a set of app templates.

This is a maintenance release of Vaadin.
See the full release notes for Vaadin 14.11 in GitHub releases, including new features, getting started, supported browsers and other technologies, and migration notes.

Visit to get started.


Vaadin 14 is an LTS (long term support) version, which will be supported for 5 years after the GA (general availability) release. More details of our release model are available on our roadmap page.

Vaadin also provides commercial support and warranty.

New and Noteworthy

Here are the highlighted new and improved features in this maintenance release.

Vaadin Grid (web component v5.10.1)

Getting Started with Vaadin 14

App starters

The best way to get started with Vaadin 14 is to go to and configure your new application by setting up your views, entities, and styles.

For the full list of how to get started go to the GitHub releases.

Reporting Issues

We appreciate if you try to find the most relevant repository to report the issue in. If it is not obvious which project to add issues to, you are always welcome to report any issue at

A few rules of thumb will help you and us in finding the correct repository for the issue:

  1. Bug tickets and enhancement requests that are specific to a certain Vaadin component should be posted in the component's Web Component repostory (e.g. for Button).
  2. Issues that are not component-specific (e.g. requests for new components) or encompass multiple components should be posted in vaadin-flow-components repository.
  3. If you encounter an issue with Flow which does not seem to be related to a specific component, the problem is likely in Flow itself. The Flow repository is
  4. If you encounter an issue with Designer, the repository is
  5. If you encounter an issue with TestBench, the repository is

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