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  • Do not deactivate expanded item keys (#19006)
    Commit · Pull request

  • Show available client routes
    Commit · Pull request · Issue

    Adds client views in the list of available routes when viewing "Route not found" page in development mode. Adds ClientRoutesProvider interface to get available client routes. Client routes means mainly Hilla views, but not limited to.

  • Reorder unhandled imports in CSS bundler
    Commit · Pull request

    Currently, CssBundler just replaces Atimports with inlined file contents and returns the result. That can be problematic if an unprocessed import, for example to an external URL, comes after an inlined import. Now the unprocessed import comes after a regular CSS rule, which is invalid and ignored by the browser.

  • Restore hasBeenAttached on resync (#19023)
    Commit · Pull request · Issue

  • More robust Server route check
    Commit · Pull request

    Make server route validation not use path but element instead.

  • Path separator in vfs
    Commit · Pull request · Issue

    character according to string instead of OS. for file path.

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