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  • Nullify a registration when listener removed (#16855)
    Commit · Pull request

  • Remove detach listener when javascript execution completes (#16836)
    Commit · Pull request

    A detach listener is added for pending javascript invocation owner nodes to clean up the queue, if the owner gets detached. This change also removes the detach listener when the javascript execution completes.

  • Remove natural order sorting of jsmodules and javascript imports (#16820)
    Commit · Pull request · Issue

    Removes sorting of jsmodule and javascript imports in natural order in generated-flow-imports.js. Sorting is removed only for imports added via JsModule and Javascript annotation. Natural order was not in line with the promised order described in these annotations, which is to keep the same order as the annotations were on the class. However, order is only guaranteed on a class level.

  • Retain node_modules folder (#16831)
    Commit · Pull request · Issue

    When running a Hilla project or a project containing a package.json do not clean node_modules.

  • Disable sending updates to client for effectively non-visible nodes (#15885)
    Commit · Pull request

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